Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Happened to Me?....I used to be kind of cool??!!

Did you ever hear or see the Bill Engvall act where he talks about the things he has to do for his kids and he gets left wondering what happened to himself and then he says, "I used to be kind of cool!!" Well that's me today. I had just finished dinner with the fam' when both young son and daughter disappeared. First, I hear my son, "MOOOMMM, I NEEEED YOU!" I go in there and yup he needs help completing "the wipe". I know, I know, he is six years old, but sometimes he needs "ass"istance (lucky me). So, I let out a big sigh and commenced with the dirty task. Yuck, all I have to say is that boy ate way too many strawberries the night before...not pretty. No sooner had I finished with that butt did I hear my daughter, "MOOOMMM, I NEEEED YOU PEAS! Well at least she said please (sort of). I walked from my master bathroom to the guest bathroom down the hall where my little curly haired cherub awaited me. This time it was not near as a dramatic cleanup...thank God for rabbit turds, not near as much poop matter is left "behind". Sorry about the puns, butt I couldn't help myself.

Sorry Amy, I feel like a blog hog but this was just one of those "Calgon take me away" moments. I KNOW you have them too!! Again...what happened? Back when we were "studying" in college maintaining that 4.0 GPA (wink, wink) we never thought one day we would have to do double wipe duty after dinner!! However, as I type one of the owners of those dirty butts has his warm head nestled against my shoulder, oh and he just kissed me and said I love you mom :) I love you too quit eating strawberries and go to bed!!


Stacey said...

Awww.. so precious. Don't even get me started on poop stories. Bet you haven't ever wiped your child's nose to find poop coming out of it..

monica said...

I think we all have poop stories and I think all mom's have that Calgon that me away moments when it comes to poop! I also have one son that poops rabbit turds and the other is messy just too fun!!

Amy said...

Oh the college days when life was so much easier. i miss them yet I wouldn't trade what I got to go back. :) ( I say that even as two of mine are screaming and fighting over loveys and who gets to sit next to me in bed - fun times.)Anyhow no problem on the hoggin' I haven't felt inspired this week. I am however going to pretend that you did not post this as you know I really dislike the P word! It is such an ugly word. Can't stand it really and I think counting your comments I am on P-word overload. BIG POTTY PEOPLE - Please! :) I am off to check SITS although I KNOW you have already roll called. Stupid internet - it was out when i got home and I gave up about midnight. I'll get you in the end.

Lady Di said...

Oh Amy! You know how badly I want to type the P-word as you call it all over this comment box? The battle between good and evil is raging inside me right it/don't do it. Dare I...probably not after the week it appears you had. You may hop in the car and come kick my butt. Hey, that may actually be doing you a favor, get you out of BFE for a while.

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