Friday, May 8, 2009

I Need To Find Me Some More Purell STAT!!

First, let me say that I like to teach my young charges the importance of good hand washing and the proper way to cough (into the crook of your arm, not hand) long before swine flu came around. In fact, we even had a hand washing assembly at school for National Hand Washing Week back in December. Yet, I wouldn't consider myself to be too terribly obsessed with decontaminating everything all the time However, lately my room is probably as sterile as on operating room. I mean let's face it they are little walking germ factories. Then, the day this swine flu thing started I see my boys licking and spitting into the palms of their hands and slapping each other in the face (not hard, it was some sort of game). Can you imagine the look on a group of six year old's faces when they have been told that they have just given each other the swine flu and they are soon going to be sicker than pigs and GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Well, not really because I didn't actually say that out loud to them. That was the raging inner dialogue running through my head while I calmly explained to my little angels in my best teacher voice that germs are in our mouth, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest. I try to keep those inner thoughts to myself although, the other day some of them were asking me why they had to wash their hands everytime after recess instead of just before lunch and my response was, "Because you guys are dirtynasty (thats my new word)" Don't be horrified, my students love me and they knew I was joking. Anyway, my point is my purell stock is running low and thanks to the mass hysteria there is none to be found in any store. So as a last resort I will buy some Lysol and just spray the kids down as they walk through the door. :)


monica said...

There are stores around here that has completely ran out of purell and others stores that have marked that stuff up so high that no one can afford it!!

Amy said...

So crazy - no one goes out and buys a boat load of sanitizer during the regular flu season. I think it is kind of funny how we put a different word in front of Flu or call it H1N1 and everyone thinks it is the plague! Don't get me wrong if I was a teacher and I lived where you live - you bettcha I would buy stock in lysol. I mean you have to protect yourself from any possible illness to you and your fam. I'm just sayin' - it's a little humorous how everyone is freaking out due to media hype. Myself included -but we know I am a little crazy. "Dirty-nasty" so funny!

Amy said...

That is just crazy. I am glad I have some. If I run out I guess I can just spray away. Come by and pick up an award. You made my Round Robin fun.

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