Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weather, Bugs, and Fevers

What do bugs, fevers and the weather have in common? Nothing really. Well I guess if you consider that when the weather warms up here in the Southwest the bugs come out in full force but the fever doesn't fit into that equation.  However they are all a part of my life (my drama) so that makes them related in some way.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes yesterday.  I wish it was me that has the fever but it isn't that would be the Middle Princess who woke up with a 102.3 fever Friday morning.  We don't do high fevers much around here (in fact the only time we use Tylenol is for leg cramps and teething).  So off went the hubs to the store for some Tylenol, which worked until Friday night when it spiked again (did I mention the hubs was leaving town for the weekend, I have no neighbors, and the hospital is 80 miles away). I called the Doctor, broke out my arsenal of essential oils and dusted of the Motrin and went to work.  The Motrin came right back up, lovely.  The oils worked immediately and it broke.  Yay!

In the meantime the Hubs' plane was delayed and ultimately ruined his trip so he came home. Good thing because Saturday was dance recital day and since the Middle Princess was still feverish- off went the Oldest Princess and I leaving the others with the Hubs.  I prolonged the morning hoping and praying the fever would magically disappear but it didn't and the Middle Princess missed her first recital.  I and she were so sad.

The recital went great and then it was back home for us.  On the way home we hit some freak rain storm.  I almost pulled over!  The lightening was actually purple and the cloud was a little frightening.  The wind was crazy and the drops of rain were huge.  I called the hubs to see if Arizona ever had tornado's. He laughed! I get that a lot.

We finally got home and watched Tales of Despereaux - a little creepy but good. No - just creepy and off to bed we went.  Here is where the bug enters the story.  There I am sleeping peacefully - dreaming when I wake up feeling something tickling my stomach.  I in my half sleep state realize it is not something I want on my stomach and as it is crawling roll it with my arm and actually feel is POP! YUCK! I throw it off the bed and immediately get up flip the light and can't find it.  What is it? I am freaking out: Was it a spider? Did it bite me? Why am i so itchy and red? I am going to die? Did it crawl/bite the Middle Princess who is sleeping with us? I am a bit dramatic I know - but that is me. I check the MP and she is completely annoyed by this interruption in which I realize she was not bothered by the bug but does have a fever again. Lovely.  Get the Tylenol but do not go back to sleep for what seems like hours because I have a severe case of the heebie jeebies!
Because I am convinced this is the bug that was in my bed:


Would you sleep?


Amy said...

I would not want to be in that bed either.

monica said...

Oh you need some type of bug spray if you have those type of bugs in BED!! I hope MP gets to feel better soon. I am bumbed that Prince missed his plane...I hope he can reschedule.

Trudy said...

I might not sleep just after hearing your story about the bug...I have a wonderful imagination and a great fear of bugs, big and small alike! I hope something got whatever is was you flung off your stomach so it doesn't come to visit you again tonight!

Hope everyone is feeling better at your house soon so you don't have to miss any more recitals!

Kristin said...

Ick. I do not do bugs and I totally get you getting freaked out. Cue shudder.

Trudy said...

Just me again...pop over to my blog, I have a little something for you!

heather said...

[shudder. shudder] no i would not sleep.

i'm pretty sure i had one of those in my garage once.
actually i'm positive because i trapped it under a cup and then i searched the internet until i found out what it was. so gross. but still better than the hand-sized scorpion i had found a few weeks before. there are some things in arizona i don't miss!!

and no, arizona doesn't get tornadoes, but occasionally there will be something called a microburst that can be fairly destructive.

how new are you to arizona?

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