Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writers Workshop- I'm Going Kayaking!!

That's right. This Memorial Day Weekend I am going with my two daughters to go kayaking. Now before you go and think I am some big explorer that takes her children on wonderful, daring adventures, let me just tell you, I am not. My big weekend adventure usually consists of which load of laundry to start with first. I have never been kayaking in my whole life. In addition, the riskiest thing I have done in my life in the last 10 years was have children!

So, why I have I decided to go paddling out in the ocean in a little boat with my two daughters now? Well....I really don't know. Other than deep down inside I am secretly an adventurer who never got to go on adventures and an opportunity arose and I'm taking it and I'm dragging my kids along with me. Don't worry, they won't be in any danger. If I even see one whitecap I'm keeping my feet on dry land. Of course, I'm slightly nervous as I'm listening to my friend explain that you have to watch the tide tables and wait for the best time when the current is not so fast (why?, you don't get swept out to sea? I wonder). The people I am going with assure me that everything will be fine and it is completely safe.

I'm excited, but then the other night I saw a commercial promoting tourism for Canada. Has anyone else seen this? It is video footage and at first all you see is what appears to be the front of a... kayak and something jumping in and out of the water. Yeah, my interest was peaked. You can't quite figure out what the heck it is until all of a sudden out jumps a seal which lands on the front of this kayak. Of course, the person taping it thought it was really cool and that's the whole point...then it says something like, Canada, A Great Place to Be or some crazy thing. I didn't actually get the catchy little "come see Canada" phrase because I was still contemplating the fact that a freakin' seal could JUMP onto a kayak. Let me just say I don't think I will be near as happy as the idiot on the commercial if that happens to me this weekend. However, all jumping seals aside, I think (I hope) we will have a good time and this will be a great experience for the girls.

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Mama Nut said...

Thinking about my kids in any kind of boat, frightens me. Scary thought. I might have nightmares. Not because of the fear they might fall out, but because of the fear I might jump out! I can just see myself in the middle of a lake or river with my kids and husband. Poopy diaper alert! Then we find out that neither one of us packed the diapers because the other one was suppose to... Oh, great! That would soooo happen to me.

Hope you have fun though! Don't forget diapers if you have a kid still wearing them :)

Amy said...

Sounds fun to me. I would not want the seal part either.

ModernMom said...

Sounds amazing! I'm sure you'll have the best time and your kids will love you for it.

Trudy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time kayaking, sans the seals!

Anissa said...

Oh I'm so excited you signature look so good. I'm glad you like them.

Amy said...

Hey Di. I was thinking today - I would rather have a seal jump on my kayak then be mistaken for a seal by a shark!

Love Ya!

Lady Di said...

Thanks Amy, I can count on you to be the voice of reason. Thanks

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