Monday, May 18, 2009

You Know You Have Mama Drama When...

**It was fair week last week. My step-daughter showed a pig (hence the shaving the pig on Mother's Day). We were very busy the last three days this week. That is why I was MIA. Well, I'm back. I'm a little fried this morning, but I did my best with the Mama Drama this Monday.

1. After being checked by the security guy with a metal detector at the entrance to the local fair your son asks why did the man just do that and you say, "Oh, he is just looking for dangerous stuff" and your son says, "Yeah, making sure people don't bring in things like burning cigarettes so they don't burn the fair down, huh?" FYI I don't smoke he just says random stuff like that all the time! Anyway my point is that I just say, " Yes." to such a random comment because I don't want to tell him, "No son, what they are really looking for are the guns and knifes that some of these gangsters may bring in to retaliate for last weeks shooting that killed 4 kids". I'll just keep my son in that innocent little bubble I have him in a bit longer, thanks.

2. The night before show day you have to call everyone you know to find a pair of white pants (part of the uniform) because your eldest daughter, who has been doing her own laundry for two years all of a sudden forgot that you can't wash white pants with a red sweater, tie dye shirt, bright blue t-shirt, and just about every other COLORED shirt she could possibly wash with her WHITE pants.

3. You are so tired and hot at the fair that when you you finally get to the hospitality room with two hot, tired, hungry, kids, you down two margaritas like they were little cups of kool-aid, then go get snacks and water for the kids. Hey...don't judge, if mama goes down first, we all go down.

4. You consider sabotaging your husbands truck so he can not abandon you again with all the kids at the fair., he was going back and forth to work, not exactly abandonment, but in my defense it sure did take a long time for him to check those freakin' potato fields. I mean really they're not going anywhere!!!

And Finally...

5. You are finally home, hot, exhausted, been around animals, dirt, and shavings all day. Your whole body is achy and you feel the layer of dirt on your skin, and you know you need to get in the shower, but you just want to sit for one second, and here comes that sweet little girl of yours. She sits in your lap and starts to suck her thumb and rub YOUR ear. You think, "ahh, oh sweet, my little girl taking a moment with me.". Then she stops rubbing your ear, pulls her thumb out of her mouth and sniffs me and says, "EWW, Mommy you smell like poop." Thanks honey, until you said that I didn't know that, thanks.

What are your indicators of Mama Drama? Please share, I know I 'm not the only one out there with it!!!


Amy said...

Hey Di Welcome back. I missed you! I posted about most of my drama before your post. But I thought of some more:

1. I realize 15 minutes before the dance recital that The Oldest Princess has a huge gaping hole in her theatrical tights.

2. The air conditioner has been on all night long and it is still 80 degrees in my house. Um that better get fixed soon.

3. 3 days of fevers, worry, a missed recital - just to finally realize a tooth is coming last night.

4. The annual Moth infestation has arrived and all though they are mostly dead, the MP has a small heart attack every time she sees one on the floor and demands I get it immediately.

Good times!

monica said...

Oh my goodness, your drama is just too funny. Sorry I am not laughing at you...just with you! What youngest daughter said is too that is something to remember to tell her as she gets older! Thanks for sharing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh joy of motherhood.

The Blonde Duck said...

You poor thing! I'm with you on the Mama coming first!

Design it Chic said...

I'm laughing my socks off when you were actually in true pain there... sorry but i just can't stop laughing:)))

Now with all these exiting news you gave us here the only thing i can *ironically* say is Happy Monday!:)

(fellow SITS & longtime reader here)

Lady Di said...

Hey don't feel bad about laughing...that's what I'm here for, comic relief. I've accepted my lot in life. God gave me these crazy kids so I can have good writing material. Just think how dull my life would be without them. Also, I would have no good reason to drink 2 margaritas in 2 seconds flat. :)

Trudy said...

Sorry, no Mama Drama here yet but I'm still rolling on the floor from #3! Glad you didn't go down and everyone got home safely.

jenn said...

Haha! #5 made me laugh.

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