Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writers Workshop: I will take two 34 C's please

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2) Is plastic surgery an option? Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis- attach and replace with a better one. 

This prompt hit close to home for Lady Di as well and is a conversation that we have had many times.  So she has inserted her comments as well.  Hers comments are in red.

2) So ya, I am a mom of three children all breast-fed. If you add up the time that I have had a kid on the boob (can I say that?) there is over a year of wear and tear on them babies. Plus I would like to have one more child and hope to be able to do the same so by the time it is all said and done we are talking 2 years of some serious usage. So you can probably guess what I would like to "dis-attach and replace."

I know what they say - that breast feeding doesn't change anything {it's lies, all lies}. Um HELLO, I am not stupid! I know that these body parts of mine did not look like what they look like right now - 10 years ago. I mean I never had big ones in the first place (thank the lord - I think that just makes it worse - sorry Lady Di) {you're telling me, I've got to roll them up like sardines and stuff'em in the ol' bra every morning.}  I don't want to replace them with big ones I just want them to be perky again - happy. You know- not so deflated. Yikes! yes deflated! Have you ever seen a (sorry for the comparison I am about to make) cows udder after it has been milked day after day, year after year. {If that visual doesn't help- think orange in tube sock!!} Empty - used up! In serious need of some love and repair.

So yes I am open to plastic surgery. BRING IT ON! I know I should be loving the body that Heavenly Father gave me, I shouldn't want to change it. I should be happy with what I got. Well if you really think about it, He didn't give me this body he gave me another one that was perky and uplifting and then he gave me the gift of children and you know the rest. Now that being said, I do have a problem: I am scared to death of surgery, general anesthetics, being cut open and sewed shut! Makes me sick just thinking about it. I am hoping that by the time I am ready (after my next child is done reaping the benefits) to make the decision I will have become accustomed to the whole idea of surgery. After all I will have been cut open twice for c-sections one I was completely knocked out for so I should be good - used to the idea, right? I hope so because the thought of having two happy perky full (not huge) breasts makes me want to jump for joy and you can't tell me that my husband wouldn't like them too! {You and I should make it a double date!! I'm ready to put "the girls" in their rightful place. I'll wait for you (I'm done having kids). I wouldn't want to "push" (so to say) my perky friends in your face while you had an attachment on yours. }

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Summer said...

I have always told my husband, it's reconstructive surgery. Putting it back the way God made it!

Erin said...

Everyone wants MORE boobs....I want LESS! So I'm not opposed to donating to anyone who wants them.....anyone? They were like this before kids and even worse after kids...ahh another joy of motherhood! =)

countryfriedmama said...

The effects of breastfeeding on "the girls" is just one more truth of childrearing that nobody told me before I had kids. It's worth it, but still, it would have been nice to know.

Mama Kat said...

I like Summer's reasoning. I'm too afraid of surgery to get it done, but if I had to choose something I'm right there with you!

MamabearMills said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love! OMG it hurts like a son of a BITCH! I mean, I woke up and felt like there was a mac truck on my chest. Mine were pre-filled too! so Imagine all the stretching my poor nipples went through!>!>! It's pure torture going "under the muscle" but it's so worth it in the end. I didn't go big and now Im so glad my Dr didn't let me go as huge as I wanted! No one even knows they are fake when they see me!

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Gotta say...I know how you feel. I've had five kiddos and breastfeeding sure has done a number on me. But the breasts don't bother me as much as the post baby weight. THAT is something I would lOVE to detach and replace it with...well, nothing!

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