Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little Fishy Video about Optimism

Some will have already seen this but I want to post it anyway for the ones that might not have seen it  yet. Besides it is such a great message that I don't think you can ever watch it too many times. 

Optimism is important whether you are a child or an adult. I know that sometimes it is hard to be optimistic in today's world with the challenges we face. Life is not always easy.  I know my own family has had some tough times as of late.  So a little reminder now and again can't hurt, right? A little help in optimism is welcome here in my house.

It helps me to remember that no matter what, there is always hope. That is what I want my children to know.  That even in the darkest of times - there is always hope. I am optimistic when I look at my girls and see them growing up healthy and strong, when they say things like, "Mama - One day I will walk on the moon, swim with whales and be a mama like you" because that means that they are looking forward they are being optimistic about the future.

Like I said we have had some tough times.  I worry about my oldest who is six because she is old enough to understand. Everything just came so close that I thought it would really effect her but she has been such a trooper and has been there for me with comforting words.  She is so resilient and beautifully optimistic about the future and the world around her. She as well as all my girls give me tremendous strength and hope.

My children shouldn't have to worry about my worries or the stress of the times they should be aloud to dream big and fantasize about the future.  To always recognize the beauty surrounding them.  That is why I like the Fishful Thinking campaign because it provides me with tools and ideas on keeping my kids as well as myself optimistic.  

So watch the video then click the fish for fun ways to teach you and your kids ways to be optimistic and staying positive.

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monica said...

Very cute video.

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