Monday, April 6, 2009

Fishful Thinking

You may have noticed the Goldfish link on my sidebar.  Are you thinking, WOW she must really like those goldfish.  Well I do like those savory yummy little fishies and I like them even more since I became a Mama Ambassador for the Fishful Thinking program, a program sponsored by the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish brand.  

Click the fish for information and tips on how to raise optimistic children.  Then be sure to check back here for more highlights, contests, and giveaways here with the Mamas with Drama.

For now,  Just a little Fishful Thinking for all the Mamas out there.  Click here.  For a great read. Because lets just face it sometimes it is just rough being a Mama and we could all use some tips now and then. Then come back and comment on something you do with your kids to focus on the positive and you might just win a little something! 

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Lady Di said...

I checked it out and there are a lot of great resources, thanks. By the way...did you see the Oprah show yesterday??

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