Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unwanted Visitors

This one's a long one.  Sit back and read a little bit about my life, my home in rural America.

I had the perfect post planned for yesterday.  I woke up so excited. I jumped out of bed with my Word for Wednesday: COFFEE

I needed a cup of it although I don't drink regular unless I want to see my heart POUND out of my chest and start BOUNCING of the walls. Decaf is just enough of a jolt for me. Although yesterday I seriously contemplated drinking it FULL OCTANE. Just had one of those nights where I actually was sleeping well but the rest of the house wasn't - every child and even the dog (the first unwanted visitor) was up, I swore it was a FULL MOON!

Unwanted Visitor #1 - Barking Basset Hound
Have you ever heard a Basset Hound howling at 2:00am right outside your bedroom doors as he stares at you from outside? 
We thought he wanted out of the backyard so The Daddy got up and let him out just for him to go to the front door and start howling.  He ended up in the back of the truck with the camper shell for the rest of the night. 

Unwanted Visitor #2 - Wind
As I said I had the perfect post but when I got up and ran to the computer.  NO INTERNET! All Day ! Argh!!!  Why no Internet?  THE WIND! It blew and blew and blew and blew some more. I thought I was Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ.  Although no Internet is annoying especially for blogger's and homeschoolers (my lessons are all online ) I had a very productive day.  I did ALL the laundry (folded and put away).  Had the girls dressed, fed and hair brushed by 8:30am. Ran 2.6 miles on the tread.  Mopped the house (not an easy job in my house) and dusted the kitchen, great room and family room.  Yay!! However the wind bought me my third unwanted visitor - DIRT.  Lots of it! 

Unwanted Visitor #3 - Dirt
Dusting on a windy day is like washing your car when it rains.  USELESS! Actually it isn't as bad as a thought but still enough to be annoying!

Unwanted Visitor #4 - Mouse
That's right a mouse! a mouse! I hate mice.  Dirty Disgusting Disease Ridden Mice! There I am relaxing reading a book and over my glasses I see something run  from the couch to the T.V. I think to myself I surely must be going CRAZY! That couldn't possibly be a MOUSE in my HOUSE! I didn't say anything - kept reading. Then I saw it again - run from the T.V. to the china cabinet. Now I know I am not crazy! I wake the sleeping Daddy! He know thinks I am CRAZY. (We live in the country but have never had a mouse in the house only in the garage where we have been raging our own war against those dirty little villains). He gets up, goes to where I saw it and it runs back to the couch. Do you think he saw it - Nope! He did however find it's home - IN MY COUCH! Yuck!  Seriously this is one of my worst nightmares!

By now the girls know and are totally FREAKED out! We set traps cleaned the inside of my couch and were waiting. The mouse has now ran into the family room behind the wall unit. Hubby still hasn't seen it. The girls won't go to bed, because they hear SQUEAKS! Mind you their bedroom is on the other side of the house. This is after The Oldest tells me that mice are a part of nature, we should let it go.  I told her that they are a part of nature when they are outside but when they come inside they are dirty and they become fair game.  

Then finally came the sweetest sound of all. SNAP! Yipee, mouse is now in mouse heaven.  

And the visitors keep coming.

Visitor #5 - Anxiety

That is another Drama for another time.  One word: Defeated!

Visitor #6 - 
I woke up today with my 6th visitor.  I won't go into details except to say she visited only two weeks ago, explains my anxiety and is completely UNWELCOME.

Drama, Drama, Drama! Today has got to be better, right?

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