Monday, April 20, 2009

Writers Workshop: headline news

I know I am late on this but Mama Kat over at Mama's Losing it, says you can join in at anytime so I am joining in! She does writing prompts each week.

The Prompts:
1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why.

2.) What are your kids talking about?
3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.
5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened. You must go visit
 Heather at Chasing Butterfly's for a good story, seriously - a must read!

Anyhow I pick # 3. 

Because I live in the sticks and by sticks I mean nearest mall -  2 1/2 hours. Nearest grocery store- 67 miles.  Yes - I live in the sticks and because of that there is no Local Newspaper heck the only communication this town has is contained on a pin up wall at the Post Office. 

We rely on the local gossip for news but if there was a local newspaper I think that it would read something like this: ILLEGALS STRIKE AGAIN - SAME MO DIFFERENT FAMILY. By Illegals, I mean illegal immigrants actually more like drug traffickers and if I was being honest if we did have a newspaper the wording would have most likely been something else. 

See I live in the middle of no where not too far from the Mexican border and looking out your window and seeing a group of illegal immigrants passing by is not a strange site and as long as they keep moving and don't bother anything - I am happy. I don't even bother calling Border Patrol anymore because by the time they get here (if they bother to come) they (the immigrants) are gone.

Back to the news story - Regardless of what the mainstream media is saying, "migration into the U.S has slowed down due to economic downturn" , it may have slowed down but the people who are still migrating are not here for jobs they are here to sell drugs and to wreak havoc on our lives, destroy our society and moral values.  They don't just pass through looking for a better life, stopping by houses for food and water. No No these ones stop and destroy.  Two months ago they kidnapped 2 people from the Church, THE CHURCH! They stuck them in the trunk and drove to the border dumped the car in a parking lot and walked back across the border.  Immigrants looking for a better life and work DO NOT steal a car and drive BACK to Mexico. Last month they broke into a house, a friend of ours, and destroyed the inside.  They stole a couple of things - suitcases and jackets and some other stuff.  It, however, is not about what they stole - material things are replaceable.  It is about what they destroyed.  Antique piggy banks handed down to the kids by a Great Grandma ( I mean- really how hard is it to open a piggy bank without breaking it?) or letting the cats in (these people do not liver here permanently) so the cats were left inside for a week (you can imagine.) The house was a total mess everything was ravaged through.  Also last month, an local older man was murdered, MURDERED found in his yard stripped of his clothes and his wallet.  Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

Then this past week, It happened to US! To US! Thank heavens it wasn't our home. They got into my husbands office on the other end of the ranch and just destroyed it.  Obviously there is no money there, we know better than that, and the door was unlocked so I think it would be easy for them to realize there is nothing of great value and we have some freezers of food but again not really edible so LEAVE IT ALONE!  Oh No!  Instead of leaving it alone and moving along they opened the freezers threw the food on the floor, they rummaged through all the files and threw paper everywhere, REAMS of paper EVERYWHERE- Just for the heck of it! What the heck?

Seriously this just tells me that these are not good people looking for a better life or coming back to loved ones left in the States, they are rude horrible people who HATE AMERICA - HATE AMERICANS! Excuse me but they ARE TERRORISTS and need to be stopped. It is getting to a point that I am afraid to leave for fear that they will break into my house and destroy my property, my most precious belongings but at the same time I really don't want to be here for fear that they will do something even worse.  Scary times. When I first moved here a local said to me: "95% of the illegals are good people and will never bother you - it is the other 5% you have to worry about." Only once has anyone ever came to my door (in 4 1/2  years) and that scared me enough. We live in different times and need to make some changes because these people that are coming across not only effect me, my family and my community they effect all of us, all Americans. They have a much bigger agenda than finding a job or reuniting with family.

I am all for Immigrants seeking a better life and more opportunity coming to America.  By all means come make a life for yourself but do it the right way, the legal way.  Become an AMERICAN citizen. TAKE THE OATH.

So that's what ALL THE BUZZ is around these parts - Thanks for the opportunity to rant a little. I needed it.

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