Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Just In...Bad Bathroom Habits Are Indeed Genetic

Of course we moms already know this but just in case there was any doubt out there my family confirms that there is definitely a strong genetic link on the PATERNAL side that causes HORRIBLE bathroom conditions. Here is the million dollar question I ask my beloved and our darling offspring...Why is it that when I take a shower all the water somehow magically stays in the shower?? I know, it's amazing. Oh! and it is truly a miracle that when I brush my teeth there are no lovely blue streaks running down the sides of the sink. Wait...I'm not finished, those strange bars protruding out from the wall are really quite useful for the placement of wet towels. Call me crazy, but, wet towels clumped up in the corner or thrown on a bed usually don't dry out as well. Finally, I believe there is some part of the male brain that has decided that the extra TWO seconds it would take to actually put the new roll of toilet paper ON the roller is not worth it, therefore it is just placed on TOP of the roller instead. This, my fellow mamas with dramas is the reason for my genetic link theory. You see, I believed that all hope was lost on my husband, however, my children were (I emphasize were) getting better. That was until, the other day when I went upstairs to give the littlest one a bath and discovered the bathroom in complete disarray. I was of course already tired, but surprisingly (I think I was just too tired to care) wasn't that annoyed. So, I just kicked the wet towels out of the way, did a quick wipe down of the sink and mirror, got the water running in the bath, put the little one in, then excuse the TMI but I sat down to go #1. Okay, I'm sitting finally (even if it is on the toilet) trying to just take a moment, I'm done, I reach for the toilet paper and what do I see?...a new roll of toilet paper sitting on TOP of the roller!!!!! THAT'S IT You know people talk about building houses with granny quarters.... they should be mama quarters instead. Okay I feel better now

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Amy said...

At least they put one on top. Ours usually is empty and you have to yell for someone to bring you another roll.

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