Friday, April 10, 2009

This week I am Grateful For

In honor of this weeks Fishful Thinking activity 'Grateful Sayings' and Positive Thinking I am re posting an old Friday Five that fits perfectly.  5 things I am grateful for:

5 things I am Grateful for:

1. Spilt milk at the dinner table: because it means that we are sitting at the table as a family having a nice meal together.

2. A pile of dirty laundry the size of a small mountain: because it shows we have a lot of nice clothes to wear.

3. A bad hair day: because at least I have a head full  of hair.
4. Sleepless nights: because it reminds me that I am a mom and my kids still need me.

5. All the screaming, crying, and whining: because my kids are healthy, strong and here.

Sometimes you just have to look at things differently!
Click here to go to this weeks Fishful Thinking Ingredient Activity: Grateful Sayings.  This weekend is a great time to do this activity with your Family. Happy Easter!


Lady Di said...

Yes, it is true in the midst of all the daily chaos there are many things to be grateful for. My kids and husband drive me absolutely crazy but I know without them I would probably be some loony spinster with lots of cats.

Amy said...

Take comfort in knowing that I would still be your friend even if you did have cats. :) It is true we have a whole lot to be grateful for!

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